Aaron Coupe NZ Mint Co-Founder

Aaron Coupe Making a NZ Mint in Auckland

Auckland Businessmen Aaron Coupe has been a rising star of the Auckland property development and investment scene for many years.  Despite his success he is a down to earth family man with an obsession for Landrover coupes.

His previous successes include being the co-founder of NZ Mint.  General managing a three million dollar Cardona development which earned him a great write up in the Otago Daily Times.

These days he is focused on managing his hotel empire, developing new building projects through New Zealand and over seeing his ownership of Auckland CBD office buildings and the profitable Greys Avenue Investments Limited.  However, unlike most high flying kiwi AKL businessmen he is a home body very content and happy to be at home with his two children and wife in the weekends.

Aaron grew up on the North Shore of Auckland and attended Westlake Boys High School in Forest Hill on the North Shore of Auckland, which created a great foundation for property success. Additionally, it was a great a place to network from as many Westlake Boys students are high achievers. To this end Mr A. Coupe is in good company and has clearly adhered to the schools motto recited for by Head master, David Ferguson reading,

Virtute Experiamur; Let Courage Be Thy Test



Aaron Peter Coupe

Auckland Property DeveloperAaron Coupe NZ Mint co-founder
NZ Mint Co-Founder
Greys Avenue Investments Limited Owner
Karaka, Auckland
New Zealand


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Aaron Peter Coupe
(Aaron Coupe)
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Greys Avenue Investments Limited
48 Greys Avenue,
Auckland, New Zealand, 1010