How to market your local Auckland business online

How to Market Your Business Online

Getting your online marketing set up can be tiresome and frustrating, especially when you don’t know where to begin. Our own marketing methods aren’t going to guarantee your instant online success and finding the right strategies will quickly prove painful to beginners who aren’t “in-the-know”. Most of the time your business will require some serious in-depth knowledge of local SEO (search engine optimization or Google ranking). In the meantime we have arranged a help guide to get you started.

Local Auckland Citations
AKA Local directory listings. List yourself in all online directory services, under all relevant categories to your business. Here you need to ensure your address and phones numbers are in sync with each other, by this we mean, list all your information exactly the same as your local google directory listing. Never leave off your company website, as this is what 100% of people are going to be searching for.

Blogging about NZ
Blogging can be an exceptional means to bringing traffic to your site. It is also one of the more cost-effective. It can however take time to develop an audience and does require patience and persistence. For this to be effective you will need to deliver a pretty decent amount of value and understanding in your niche market for this to be successful long term.

Video Tutorials With A Kiwi Twist
If you really ant to reach an audience on a much larger scale, action a series of Youtube video tutorials. These speak for themselves. Teach others how to do something they didn’t know how to do before. You Tube is filled with a plethora of “how to’s” for anything and everything you could possibly ever think of. A great way to do this is by setting it up like a course. Break your tutorial into stages (for beginners, for example) and away you go. Tutorials are by far the most production way to draw n the right audience and demographic. There is no need for a high quality, expensive video. Simply set up your web cam and hit record. You may want to practice a few times and set up a desk lamp behind your camera for extra lighting, but no expensive tools are needed here. In return you will get viewers subscribe to your channel and follow your link back to your website, which creates traffic to your site and boosts authority.

Auckland Content marketing
This is a popular and effective method to reach out to your target audience. This method is normally done via popular authority sites such as and LinkedIn. These sites allow everyone to post on them. You can do this by creating a forum with information on your product and by answering others questions that relate to your business. This is what we call “attraction marketing”. It works by attracting consumers to your website by distributing beneficial information, boosting your online visibility. Content marketing is also a considerable way to get the work out about your money site.

Referral marketing
Referral marketing is a fancy way of saying “word of mouth” and is one of the most important and effective ways to market your business. You should do this by inserting a link in your email signatures and on your website that connects people to popular review sites such as , Google reviews or TripAdvisor. This avenue allows real consumers to post their experiences with your product or business. This sends the message that customer service and satisfaction is above all else.

How to market your local Auckland business online
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How to market your local Auckland business online
How to market your local Auckland business online
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